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Apinya Medical Ltd., is dedicated to R&D and production of cannabis derived medical and health products. The vertically integrated joint venture pursues medical cannabis and hemp cultivation, processing, QC and R&D according to highest international standards.


With cultivation and processing following the highest domestic as well as international standards and an own state-of-the-art in-house QC-laboratory, Apinya Medical Ltd. stands for organic, sustainable and fair production of medical grade cannabinoid extracts.


Apinya Medical Co. Ltd. collaborates with private, non-commercial, and governmental institutions. Our partners for research, product development, and production are the University of Phayao, the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, and ICANNA.


Apinya Medical develops cannabis and hemp-derived health products. At our processing facility on the campus of the University of Phayao full-spectrum extracts, distillates, and isolates with both, THC, and CBD are carefully developed. We strive for the highest standards in organic certified plants with European standards. 

About Us

Apinya Medical Co., Ltd., operationally based in Thailand, is focused on the development and production of cannabis and hemp derived health and medical products. We strive to bring the best of the plant to the market while building core values. Our first R&D focused operation is based in Phayao, Thailand, and conducted in cooperation with University of Phayao.

We are an international team, based in Thailand and Austria, with 20+ years of joint business experience in highly competitive and high quality markets. Our strategy is based on an international perspective with a strong focus on the protected domestic market in Thailand throughout the first years. Our approach decisively incorporates R&D on the agricultural practice as well as medical application of cannabinoids and product development to ensure long term international competitiveness and bring the best products to the patients.

Apinya will produce high-quality medicinal plant extracts and products. Oils, Drops, and creams with varying compositions and concentrations of THC, CBD, and further essential cannabinoids shall be developed together with University of Phayao and manufactured on-site.

As a joint venture between Austria and Thailand, Apinya incorporates the Austrian expertise on agricultural practices and cannabis and hemp cultivation and the local informal know-how of Thailand, generated due to its long tradition with the plant. Austria has a special legal framework, which allows for the breeding and cultivation of cannabis and the sale of CBD (non-psychoactive cannabinoid) based products and can, therefore, refer to a high state of knowledge and experience.

Moreover, with the professional assistance of the AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety), Apinya has the chance to learn from one of the few institutions worldwide with decades of experience in the cultivation of medical-grade cannabis and their insight into the European phytopharmaceuticals regulations and production practices. Our strategic partnership with ICANNA, a non-profit NGO focused on the research on cannabinoids for medical use, provides another level of expertise to follow a most expedient and integrated R&D approach.

For strategic reasons in terms of enhanced R&D and knowledge transfer as well as due to the current legal framework in Thailand, Apinya Medical Co., Ltd. will cooperate with the University of Phayao for the set-up of a first operation on the Universities premises. The unique project constellation of working closely with multiple public research institutions supports Apinya’s broader objective to not only contribute to the countries supply infrastructure but bring domestic development up to international speed and elevate Thailand’s agricultural and medical hemp and cannabis landscape.

The focus of the venture will lay on the determination of innovative, efficient and location appropriate cultivation methods through agricultural R&D and evolve towards the development of cannabinoid-based medicinal products together with the University of Phayao and international key knowledge holders like ICANNA. The initial product range will cover “full-spectrum” extracts, distillates and isolates from different varieties of cannabis and hemp with varying cannabinoid profiles and develop towards ready-to-use products.

Cultivation & Processing

High tech cultivation of medicinal plants

  • cloning
  • seedlings
  • pre-vegging
  • yield optimization IoT
  • fully monitored

Sustainable agriculture

  • resource efficient cultivation
  • organic cultivation 
  • selfsufficient production of decentralized agriculture

Innovative processing of medicinal cannabis & hemp

Agricultural R & D

Development of tailored strains

Optimazation of suitable cultivation methods

Tissue culture evoltution for industrial production

Biotech and Medical R & D

Biosynthesis of Cannabionoids

In-vitro research on medical effects of cannabionoids

Product development with cannabionoid based formulas

Pre-clinical trials of cannabis based formulations on patients

Thai Cannabis Market Insights

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Our Operations

To utilize the extraordinary climate conditions in place, Apinya will establish a mix of greenhouse and outdoor cultivation for its medical cannabis and hemp production in full compliance with GAP regulations.

Our greenhouse production of cannabis for medical applications and the pharmaceutical markets is initiated as a pilot R&D project of a few hundred square meters, which will be run in cooperation with the University of Phayao.

various cultivars and cultivation methods shall be evaluated to identify the most suitable approach for the scale-up of the local cultivation.

According to market demand, up to 10,000m2 of greenhouse cultivation area will follow in the subsequent expansion stage. Post-harvest-processing from plant preparation up to the packing of the dried raw material will take place in the on-site facility according to GAP. To guarantee long-term ecological and social sustainability in combination with organic and competitive products Apinya is complementing the operation with outdoor cultivation of CBD hemp in cooperation with local farmers. The outdoor cultivation of CBD hemp will be utilized for health and beauty products for domestic and international markets.

As one of the first producers in Thailand, Apinya is implementing its own GMP-ready processing facility for cannabis and hemp extracts and derived products.

With state-of-the-art extraction and processing equipment and fully standardized operational practices we can control the full production process from cultivation up to the final consumer product and offer a wide range of cannabinoid base products and ready-to-use preparations.

The processing facility will be complemented with our own Thai Traditional Medicine unit according to domestic GMP.

Committed to the potential of the well established centuries-old herbal medicines and recipes we combine the empirical knowledge gained over generations with modern production methods. Thereby we guarantee consistency of the products and are able to scientifically evaluate and prove the effects of this recipies in cooperation with the University of Phayao.

To ensure the quality and consistency of our products batch by batch and elevate our product development Apinya invests in its own fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory.

Full in-house cannabinoid, terpene, pesticides, heavy metal, residual and microbiological analysis enables Apinya, in cooperation with University of Phayao, to develop safe and effective cannabinoid treatments.

Analytical Methods and SOPs will be contributed by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, which enables our laboratory to operate according to international standards and provide internationally accredited certificates of analysis for our in-house products and third parties.

As one of the first movers in the Thai cannabis & hemp sector Apinya recognizes its responsibility to elevate the domestic industries landscape and accelerate the progress in R&D to the best of its abilities.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the plant, in our opinion research on cannabis and hemp has to be conducted as a joint effort between diverse disciplines.

Together with the University of Phayao, ICANNA and other local, as well as international partners Apinya, engages in agricultural as well as medical research.

The projected pilot facility will include cultivation, processing, and laboratory facilities and will focus on the optimization of growing, manufacturing and analyzing methods and operation practices on-site, both domestic as well as international cannabis strains. To minimize resource consumption and offer price competitive high-quality products, the long-term goal should be to intelligently combine the naturally given resources of soil, sun, and climate in Thailand with the application of innovative cultivation processes and new technology control instruments.

Apinya is committed to groundwork research right from the beginning by continuously monitoring and collecting data from the greenhouse and outdoor cultivation to enhance the operations resource efficiency and product quality. Moreover, our own processing, Thai Medicine Making unit and in-house laboratory lets us engage in the development of new cannabinoid products. With the support of Apinya, the health and medical applications of our products shall then be scientifically evaluated on campus of University of Phayao and the associated Hospital of Phayao.

Ressource-Friendly Technology: Water reclamation, as well as, recycling systems shall be utilized throughout the cultivation, to achieve sustainable production.

For the reduction of freshwater consumption, rainwater collection systems will be applied. Automated greenhouse shading systems and ventilation, as well as horti-cooling units, will prevent excess heat. Solar systems will reduce the necessary cooling energy and provide sustainable energy production.

Efficiency-Enhancing TechnologyAutomated, demand-orientated watering systems, will determine the exact watering amount through sensors, to avoid excess drain water.

Further, digitally monitored cultivation systems will be in place for optimal resource input and yield. A seed-to-shelf tracking system for full production chain traceability shall be implied: Sustainably Cultivation Methods: Austrian know-how on biological pest control methods, organic fertilizing and sustainable growth media will be applied.

Product Preview

Experience cannabis & hemp products with the power of nature and learn about the benefits of cannabis. Apinya develops cannabinoid-based health & medical products for the aid of our customers.


Disclaimer: None of the products displayed on this site are available at the moment or approved for consumption yet. Apinya Medical Ltd. is not making any claims concerning the effectiveness or safety of cannabinoid products for health or medical applications nor advertising or selling any products or services for the time being. Apinya Medical Ltd. is not liable for any misuse of the provided content. 

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Learn the ABC’s of CBD: What it is, how it promotes well-being, and guidance on choosing the right CBD oil for your needs. Find all the information you need to get started.

1. Proof of residence

2. Determine eligible condition

A list of the 38 eligible health conditions for access to medical marijuana can be accessed here.

Consent from a physician or other qualifying medical professional

It is best to work with your primary care physician, but if they are reluctant or you don’t have one, you can find a list of doctors familiar with medical cannabis Here


On February 18th 2019, as the first country in Southeast Asia, Thailand recognized the new opportunity and legalized medical cannabis. With this decision a big chance for the country opens up, not only for its domestic health care system but also from an economic perspective.


With great climate conditions, competitive production costs, a very good medicinal system and the first mover advantage within Asia, Thailand is destined to become one of the economic beneficiaries from this newly emerging economic sector.

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Medical cannabis can take up between $311 – $388 million of pharma sales by 2024.

Apinya will produce full-spectrum extracts as well as isolated cannabinoid extracts for the domestic and international markets. Cannabis derived extracts with varying compositions and concentrations of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids will be developed and cultivated. Center of cultivation and production will be our facility at the campus of the University of Phayao.