About Apinya Medical

Apinya Medical Co., Ltd. aims to be a first mover cultivator and producer in Thailand to meet the expected upcoming demand and establish itself as a high-end supplier of medical cannabis and cannabinoid based products. Apinya will produce high-quality medicinal plant extracts and products. Oils, drops and creams with varying compositions and concentrations of THC, CBD and further essential cannabinoids will be developed and manufactured on site. The products have medical and health related applications, sold as ready-to-use medicinal preparations, e.g. in bottle sizes of 5-30ml, as well as in wholesale quantities, e.g. as ingredients for TTM recipes. Depending on composition of product line the finished product is either sold to licensed health care providers for prescription to patients (THC) or to health product retailers (CBD – non-psychoactive). Future products are not finalized yet but will depend strongly on domestic and international medical market development and the demand for certain product types.

Although based in Phayao/Bangkok (Thailand), as joint venture between Austria and Thailand Apinya brings Austrian and European know-how on agricultural practices and profound expertise on the cultivation of cannabis. Austria has a special legal framework, which allows for the breeding and cultivation of cannabis and the sale of CBD (non-psychoactiv cannabinoid) based products and can therefore refer to a high state of knowledge and experience. Moreover, with the AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety) as a project partner, Apinya provides access to one of the few institutions worldwide, which can look back on decades of experience with the cultivation of medical grade cannabis and provides insight into the European phytopharmaceuticals regulations.


Due to the legal framework in Thailand as well as strategic considerations in terms of enhanced R&D and knowledge transfer, Apinya medical Co., Ltd. will cooperate with University of Phayao for the set-up of a first operation on the Universities premises. The unique project constellation of working closely with two public research institutions supports Apinyas broader objective to not only contribute to the countries supply infrastructure but bring the domestic development up to international speed and elevate Thailand’s agricultural hemp and cannabis landscape.

The focus of the venture will lay on the determination of innovative, efficient and location appropriate cultivation methods through agricultural R&D and evolve towards the development of cannabinoid based products and medicinal products together with the University of Phayao and international key knowledge holders like ICANNA. Initial product range will cover “full spectrum” extracts from different species of cannabis, providing different ratios of cannabinoids each.


Apinya is aiming for fullspectrum cannabis extracts as well as isolated cannabinoids from cannabis for the domestic and international markets. Cannabis derived extracts with varying compositions and concentrations of THC, CBD and other essential cannabinoids will be developed and cultivated in greenhouse at our projected growing and research facility at the campus of University of Phayao. Furthermore, utilizing the exceptional potential of Thailand and hemp, Apinya will collaborate with local farmers to include hemp derived CBD and other non psychoactive cannabinoid products into the portfolio.

Short-Term Goals

Provide viable new treatment options and support affordable health care

Be a pioneer high class producer of cannabinoid medicine in Thailand

Introduce sustainable agricultural practice for high end medical products

Get licensed for cultivation, processing and sale of medical cannabis products as one of the first PPPs (with University of Phayao) in Thailand

To start the venture successfully the first target is the acquisition of a commercial license for the cultivation, processing and sale of medical cannabis products. Together with and under supervision of University of Phayao we are approaching this target as PPP, to guarantee compliance with all legal requirements. In this constellation we are positive to be able to gain a research license as soon as the site is operational. The commercial production license will follow after the first or second round of cultivation, when product quality is guaranteed and operational standards are fully in place.

Contribution to Thailand

Invest in Thailand

>300 mio. Baht worth of total investment

international standard Cultivation

IoT in cultivation, energy self-sufficiency, organic agriculture, modern pest management

High Tech laboratory

Investment in state-of-the-art technology Know-how transfer from European institutions


Generate up to 50 jobs


Contract work for local farmers, scientists and sales people


> 130 Mio. Baht investment in research and financial sponsorship for University of Phayao


Cooperation with international knowledge providers like AGES or ICANNA

Thai pharmaceutical independence

Operate according to international standards Innovate for long-term global competitiveness ensure a reliable supply for domestic demand

Our Values


With cultivation and manufacturing following highest domestic as well international standards, an in-house laboratory for QC and support from the Austrian Health and Food Safety as well as our local partner University of Phayao Apinya assures highest quality products for the customer.


The Apinya business concept shows a strong focus on R&D. Together with University of Phayao Apinya aims to unlock the potential of cannabis & hemp to provide relieve for as many patients as possible.


Apinya as an international venture aims to combine the best of all worlds and engages in cooperations with economic and scientific partners from Europe


Hemp as an alternative to rice presents a highly profitable economic option to the communities in rural areas. Apinya will work with local farmers on the cultivation of hemp to contribute to a sustainable development of the agricultural sector and the improvement of their economic conditions.

Lab Test

Our Collaborators


University of Phayao

With the successful signing of the MOU between Apinya medical Co., Ltd. and University of Phayao a huge step towards the sucessfull set-up of of the operation was accomplished. The MOU states and reliable partnership for the next 30 years between University of Phayao and Apinya concer- ning research & development as well as commercial production of cann- abis and cannabinoid based medical and health products. Apinya is in the process of application for cannabis licence with the University and will be exclusively entitled to operate within this licence. Together we will move forward with our pilot facility for knowledge creation and commercial pro- duction subsequently. The Universities engagement in the common vision to evolve into a top location on cannabis expertise adds strength to the project and is elevating the potential of this partnership.

In cooperation with Apinya Medical Ltd. and the University of Phayao in Thailand, a pilot project was initiated to set up a showcase campus for medical cannabis and hemp research projects. The aim is to provide insights into cannabis and hemp to a broader audience from Thailand and neighbouring countries. The showcase campus, combining different hemp and cannabis related projects, shall educate politicians, researchers and the general public about the potentials of the plant and give a better understanding about cultivation and processing methods as well as the range of products derived from it.

Besides, we are building up a Cluster of cannabis and hemp related stakeholders from Asia and Europe to facilitate close collaborations. If interested to contribute or collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cannabis Catalysts

We provide full spectrum consultancy, business strategy development and market insights to help you access the hemp & cannabis industry. Among others, we support you on:

  • Research Collaborations
  • Pilot ProjectsInnovative
  • Product Development
  • Supply-Chain-Optimization
  • Acquiring funding for your Project

With our network in the Asian and European markets, we connect stakeholders across industries and sciences to form strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Due to the restrictive global drug policies of the last century the cannabis sativa plant didn’t receive much positive attention. Recently, the potential of cannabis and hemp is being rediscovered – in the medical field as well as within many other industries like plastic, textile or construction as a sustainable alternative. Know-how, new products and according markets are starting to emerge quickly. Nevertheless, with a gap of about 100 years in progression and still difficile legal frameworks, hemp and cannabis related industries and the link to the divers processing industries are underdeveloped. Missing supply chains and business clusters as well as low market visibility are characteristic for this field in comparison to the respective competitive industries. Science is still suffering from the remaining stigma attached to the plant, which complicates obtaining permits and funding for research. In respect of these challenges, it is our dedicated goal to support pioneers committed to cannabis and hemp to gain footing and therefore accelerate the establishment of these renewable resource on a global scale. To achieve this, we are convinced that international collaboration is a necessity right from the start to utilize potential synergies between know-how and competitiveness. Consequently, we operate as a gateway between Europe and Asia, with our base in Vienna and a special focus on Thailand as the first South-East-Asian country to legalize medical cannabis. We are happy to support your ideas, projects or businesses with profound and multilayered expertise.

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AGES supports the management of the federal ministries and the two federal agencies subordinated to it in questions relating to public health, animal health, food safety, medical and drug safety, food security and consumer protection along the food chain by providing professional and independent scientific expertise (as stated in Article 8 of the Austrian Health and Food Safety Act).

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